We Are Awesome!

Darshan Mondkar

Darshan Mondkar

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I think India is just awesome, we Indians are awesome….

We simply love cheering and clapping and generally celebrating everything.

In 2016 when Demonetization happened, we celebrated it.

We had our own money literally snatched out of our hands and then handed back to us Rs. 2000 per day but we celebrated it.

We stood in long queues to beg for our own money but we were cheering that the IT dept will snatch away all our neighbor’s black monkey hidden under his mattress.

Then came the GST and we celebrated that too.

We became the first nation to celebrate a Tax. Mostly people hate taxes. But not us….we cheered and clapped and called it a Masterstroke.

I am not sure till date why we were so enthusiastic about a tax which replaced the previous tax with no relief to the taxpayers.

Even today, we celebrate the Tax collections, when it is nothing more than us giving money to the Govt, but we will never check up on where the tax has been used, or if it has been at all.

India ushered in GST amid ‘historic’ midnight session of Parliament

Every year we celebrate the Budget….we call it a Historic Budget.

For two days the entire India becomes an expert on economy while watching the budget being presented on the TV screens.

Never once have we demanded a Budget vs Actuals to be discussed on the National TV.

We do not know whether the tall claims made in the previous budget have been fulfilled, but that doesn’t stop us from cheering the next bunch of tall claims coming our way.

We even celebrated a Lockdown….they literally locked us up in our own homes and we clapped for it.

We hailed it as a Masterstroke…we compared it to the Mahabharata war which lasted for 18 days.

This war lasted longer than BR Chopra’s Mahabharat but that didn’t stop us from cheering it. We even came out on our balconies banging thaalis and lighting diyas, making a festival out of it.

Why we even celebrated when Modi said he has given free ration to 80 Crore Indians.

Never did we even pause to think that this means 80 Crore out of 140 Crore people are in a situation that they have to rely on Government handouts.

We didn’t even realise that 80 Crore of our population cannot even afford to buy their own meals.

Instead we celebrated our poverty and helplessness.

And now we are celebrating stock market manipulations

Somehow we see the individual money hoarding of one crony capitalist akin to the growth of an entire country.

We celebrate the rise to riches of one person, based purely on the expenses of us, as a landmark achievement of the nation.

We will continue to wallow in our rented apartments watching news on EMI bought TV sets while defending the alleged scams of someone who owns a lear jet.

And we will celebrate it when he gets a clean chit because of his own influential friends in high positions, so that he is free to fleece us again.

And we will continue to live in near poverty situations while he makes his next 10 billion.

We continue to celebrate our miseries and cheer the very people who are causing it….

But then again, as I said…we just love celebrating anything and everything.

India is just awesome….Indians are awesome.

Disclaimer: This piece is all about celebrating. If you cannot celebrate this piece then you are not an Indian. Go to Pakistan.


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Darshan Mondkar

Darshan Mondkar

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