Dynastic Politics in India: No End in Sight

Dr S S Verma

Dr S S Verma

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Dynastic politics plays a great role in ticket allocation and leadership positions.

Children definitely get influenced by the profession of their parents to some extent to choose their career path and sometimes the children if not helped at least get motivated by the parents to choose the desired profession. Nepotism is assigned to almost every profession not only in India but all over the world.

Choice, selection and progress in any profession are totally separate to each other in case of the majority of common people.

Doctors, engineers, teachers, actors, filmmakers, professionals of different fields, businessmen, and even people in defense services always motivate and wish that their ward choose and progress towards a better profession or even in the same profession in which they are.

In case a child joins in the same profession of his parent, people take it as a sheer hard work of the candidate to be successful except in few extraordinary and highly manipulated cases of nepotism. Moreover, these people have minimum influence of the well-being of the nation and its people.

Let the elections come in the country (which is almost a routine throughout the year) we always come to know the names of candidates with political backgrounds with their family members already controlling the national/state politics of the country.

politicsAt present this situation has reached an alarming level and it looks like the politician kith and kin can only think of coming into politics and dynasty politics is flourishing/growing with leaps and bounds in the country.

These people may be from any party or clan but have all the support and sympathy of governing political class for their success.

These people even without any knowledge of the national issues or problems and any experience or education boost to be groomed in a political atmosphere with in the family circle that make them competent enough not only to attract the people mandate but also give guarantee to solve all the problems of masses.

Politics is the only profession which has really flourished in democracy by making power available to each and every person at the village level but only governed by the people who are well into this profession for their generations. The time when energetic young people at college and university levels used to get motivated to take on social problems through political path to help the society is gone.

In the initial phase of democracy, very dedicated, down to earth, concerned and experienced young people from all walks of life came into the fold of politics to make a contribution in the progress of nation.

But at present, politics has been confined to political families of the nation and young people from common walk of life are getting very less opportunities to make their presence in the politics of the country.

It is not that students of present time are not concerned with social difficulties/problems/issues and are totally career conscious or are not interested in politics but college and university administration of present time in coloration with present political system has put all the efforts to scuttle the student level political activities at college and university levels.

On the name of controlling unrest in the academic institutions various provisions have been implemented to keep the students away from the political activities.

By restricting the entry to College and University student’s unions on merit basis have been turned these outfits of activities into amalgamation of meritorious students who are least concerned with the wrongs in the system.

Somehow, if few young faces are still daring to choose the path of politics are considered as a challenge to the system and are always branded anti-national or anti-system and all the efforts are made to stop their political adventures.

Students in colleges and universities at a very crucial juncture of life with energy and thoughts could have been nurtured as nursery of future honest, hardworking and dedicated politicians of the country but the political families all over the nation at all levels have captured the entry and survival of political aspirants.

politicsThe quote of Rahul Gandhi, “I would not have been here if I was not from a political family,…. If you do not have money, a family or friend, you cannot enter politics. I want to change it” says all about the hold of political families on the national politics scenario.

Every political party blame every other political party to encourage family politics but all are doing the same thing. At present, almost all the MPs, MLAs, political heads, and other state, district, block and village level politicians have one or the other links with their family politics background.

All politicians are putting their best efforts to nurture their family members into politics and to a large extent they have been very-very successful in making their near and dear ones to progress in politics. The statistics all over the country in this regard will definitely be an eye opener.

politicsDynasts capturing the politics rules out the chances of better performing individuals to enter and do good for the state. It limits the choice of the voters.

With no other options, even though the people want to topple over the dynasties, they are not able to do so.When family politics control the government to run the democracy, it is very natural that country is deprived of a true representation of people in the governance.

Dynastic politics plays a great role in ticket allocation and leadership positions, thus is blocking talent from entering the politics of the nation.

Need is to give the chance to young people from all walks of life to come forward to join the politics and serve the nation.

In this direction, the college and university students need special freedom to convert their political thoughts/ideas into activities by joining politics to serve the nation and protect the democracy.

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Dr S S Verma

Dr S S Verma

Department of Physics, S.L.I.E.T., Longowal, Distt.-Sangrur

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