Nadda Toughens His Stand Against Infighting

K S Tomar

K S Tomar

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Nadda’s warning may act as a saviour for the organization to put the house in order

CONTRARY to his image of a soft spoken personality, flexible nature devoid of arrogance, national BJP president, J. P. Nadda gave an unexpected and big jolt to party cadres as well as leaders in Himachal Pradesh when he came down heavily on two factions — one headed by Chief Minister, Jai Ram Thakur and rival group led by union minister of state for finance, Anurag Thakur.

These two had exchanged accusations against each other during a public function in Kangra district.

Nadda Sends Tough Signal To Warring Factions

Jai Ram and Anurag, who belong to ruling BJP dispensation in state and centre, had blamed each other for the inordinate delay in the completion of central university campus in Kangra district which had sent wrong signal to party cadres in the state.

JP Nadda, President BJP
JP Nadda, President BJP

Nadda had recently come to his home town Bilaspur after registering a victory in Bihar polls which is being considered as a special feat and accomplishment of the party as it may prove a trend setter in 12 state assemblies which will go to polls in 2021 and 2022.

Obviously under the guidance of RSS, PM and union home minister, Amit Shah, BJP president successfully executed the poll strategy, which was given final push by Modi whose popularity coupled with central welfare schemes neutralized 15-year anti-incumbency factor of Nitish Kumar and snatched a win from a certain defeat.

Bihar Polls Victory Elevates Nadda In The Estimation Of RSS And PM

Political observers opine that it was a different Nadda who sounded ebullient after Bihar’s unprecedented achievement and did not mince words to send a strong message that now he means business and none will be spared and tolerated for harming organization irrespective of position which could either CM or union minister of state for finance.

The evidence was simple when he said “Dhir Rakhnain Ko kaha Tha prantu Adhir Kar Bethe” (everyone was supposed to be patient but showed impatience). Nadda was pointing towards the blame game vis -a -vis completion of central university campus which has created a negative impression in the state especially Kangra region.

Bjp In Himachal Is No Different From Congress As CM And Anurag Are At Loggerhead Each Other?

It is paradox that BJP, a better disciplined party guided by a regimented force RSS, used to make mockery of Congress when there was a bitter clash between Ex chief minister, Virbhadra Singh and former state PCC chief, Sukhvinder Singh ‘Sukhu’ which was one of the dominant factors of down fall of the party in 2017 assembly elections.

Thakurs – Jai Ram and Anurag

But now, it is BJP’s turn to indulge in infighting which is evident from the open show of confrontation between two senior leaders in a public rally salvo being fired by other leaders at constituency levels in the state thereby earning the wrath of the national President.

Nadda’s chastising and scolding surprised many though he did not take side and advised as head of the organization in the country that such bickering in general and especially in his home state will not be tolerated at any cost. He unhesitatingly, gave a clear inclination of his mind which may prove detrimental to the positions held by both leaders in HP and Delhi?

2022 Assembly Polls In Hp Will Be Test For Nadda In His Parent State?

Analysts say that the home state poses a challenge to Nadda to retain the power in 2022 assembly polls and logic has got a huge relevance and importance for his image after winning Bihar polls.

Nadda’s stature has gone up manifold after prime minister, Narender Modi openly gave the credit for the success in Bihar elections to organization and its head. Sources reveal that Nadda considered PM’s acknowledgment as golden moment of his decades’ political career as PM asked party leaders and workers to shout slogans thrice along with him “Nadda Age Badho Hum Tumahre saath Hain” (Nadda move ahead we are with you).

Narendra Modi with JP Nadda and Amit Shah

By poll victories in various states also added to the esteem of Nadda who was overwhelmed and gave sole credit to PM for doing wonders for the party due to huge personal popularity. It is a known fact that PM hardly publicly praises any leader or minister for normal achievements unless it is an exceptional like Nadda’s or earlier Amit Shah’s feat.

Nadda told this writer that BJP’s next target is West Bengal and CM Mamta Banerji is already feeling unsettled and nervous after losing ground hence BJP workers are being murdered which is taking us closer to snatching the power from Trinamool Congress.

Nadda Directes Factional Leaders To Bury The Hatchet Or Face Action.

BJP national president has reportedly directed the senior leaders in Himachal Pradesh to bury the hatchet otherwise strict action may be taken against them. It may be recalled that Nadda had not spared former state BJP president, Rajiv Bindal who had to resign as one of his relatives was allegedly caught on audio while demanding bribe in the purchase of Covid19 related equipment though he was not directly involved and probe had later exonerated him.

Paradoxically, there was a time when CM, Thakur and former state president, Satpal Satti used to ridicule Congress for internal dissensions but now arrow has turned in the reverse order.

BJP is awfully busy in giving an open demonstration of infighting which starts from the accusations of CM and Anurag against each other on the issue central university campus in a public rally besides an open feud between RSS leader and organizing secretary, Pawan Rana, with Ramesh Dhawla, former cabinet minister and loyalist of former CM, Shanta Kumar.

Sarveen Chaudhry

Likewise, onslaught on cabinet minister, Sarveen Chaudhry by her own party leaders on issue of illegal purchase of excess land in view of possible chances of a huge investments in the district.

Also, humiliation of former BJP Mahila Wing President, Indu Goswami after her unceremonious removal from post and appointment of Rashmi Dhar Sood by former state BJP president Satti. Though she was later rehabilitated as a Rajya Sabha MP by high command due to her ‘political connections’ at the top.

Political observers believe that new state BJP president, Suresh Kashyap seems to be helpless in checking the dissensions which are harming the ruling party though he is making concerted efforts to defuse the situation.

Suresh Kashyap with JP Nadda

Kashyap is working in tandem with CM who is currently worried due to sudden spurt in Covid 19 cases and deaths which has given an issue to PCC president, Kuldeep Rathore and Congress Legislature Party leader, Mukesh Agnihotri who are taking the government to task.

Analysts opine that amidst such crisis, bickering and factionalism in party had definitely upset the National President who had to give a prominence to his concern in the function which was primarily organized to welcome him and celebrate Bihar polls victory.

Internal Disessions Are Hitting Image Of The Party In HP

Even former CM, Shanta Kumar has come out in support of his staunch supporter, Dhawla for ignoring him while making appointments in Jawalamukhi assembly constituency. Ex CM told this writer that he feels pained when he looks at shabby treatment being meted out to Dhawla who was solely instrumental in the formation of BJP government after rejecting the offer of lakhs of rupees and other allurements by Congress in 1998.

Shanta Kumar
Shanta Kumar

Ex CM feels if Rana wants to contest election or some of his loyalist is keen then openly work in the field amongst the people. Dhawala had gone to press and accused Rana of interfering in his constituency though the latter has been maintaining studied silence over the feud but supporters of both leaders are openly attacking each other. Office bearers of Dehra constancy are sore over importance being given to an independent MLA Hoshiyar Singh.

Prem Kumar Dhumal

The complex scenario does not end here because Ex CM, Prem Kumar Dhumal was reportedly upset when government gave green signal to register a case against his loyalist and former cabinet minister, Ravinder Ravi for playing a role in making viral a post on social media which related to allegations of corruption in purchase of worth Rs 28 crore by medical department. Police went overboard and confiscated the mobile phone of Ravi who got full support from Anurag Thakur as he did not approve such action against the senior party leader.

National President Uses Carrot And Stick Policy To Discipline The Feuding Leaders

Regarding the campus fiasco, interestingly, Anurag had Tweeted that government had taken appropriate steps to transfer the land to central university campus which will resolve current issue.

naddaSecondly, Nadda while used the carrot and stick policy to give the reflection of his mind, BJP national president had chided both factional leaders for indulging in open accusations against each other. Observers feel that after dosing the fire, Nadda later assuaged their feelings by saying “Ab Sab Kuch Samanya Hai” (everything is normal now) which took only one snubbing. He said that he was getting progress reports about central university on daily basis and work will be completed on time.

Finally, assembly polls are knocking the door which are less than 22 months away to be held in 2022 hence Nadda’s warning may act as a saviour for the organization to put the house in order and fight against Congress which is still struggling against the menace and hazard of factionalism with little solution in sight.


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K S Tomar

K S Tomar

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