Punjab Cabinet meeting at Mansa is nothing but an Extravagant Smokescreen and a blatant plundering of the State resources

Bir Devinder Singh

Bir Devinder Singh

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There should be a Special Audit to factor in all the microscopic details of expenditure incurred for holding the Cabinet Meeting at Mansa

The Punjab Cabinet meetings held at Mansa (District Headquarter) today are nothing but an Extravagant Smokescreen and a blatant plundering of the state resources with impunity.

The hugely expensive exercise at the cost of state exchequer, lacks genuine objectivity and sincerity of purpose. A pseudo showoff by an exhibitionist Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has unnecessarily burdened the cash-starved State Treasury; besides putting masses to undue harassment and agony for nothing, without serving any meaningful purpose in the public interest.


The entire wasteful exercise, entails the otiose movement of at least 500 Government vehicles from different destinations towards Mansa (the venue of the cabinet meeting) in addition the mobilization of huge contingents of Punjab Police and other Security forces from the neighboring districts to Mansa has also come with a huge profligate cost.

All administrative Secretaries who were required to be present for the Cabinet Meeting must have travelled from Chandigarh to Mansa today much early in the morning.

Similarly all Ministers with their supporting paraphernalia must have converged at Mansa.

The District Administration, hosting the first-time Cabinet meeting in the District, must be overworked with the maiden super-sensitive BAND-O-BAST (Arrangements) for such a high profile, superficial exercise, conducted under the ‘Tughlaqi-Farmaan’ of none other than the ‘Poseur Chief Minister of Punjab’ Bhagwant Mann, just to satisfy his egoistic whims and fancies at the cost of the empty coffers of the State.

I’m of the humble view that the ‘Rules of business’ of the Council of Ministers must be suitably amended to the extent, that ‘ordinarily the Cabinet meetings of the Council of Ministers shall be held at the State Capital (Chandigarh), if under some special circumstances Chief Minister is of the opinion that the meeting of the Cabinet be held out of the State Capital, than the approval of the Governor must be necessitated’ and incorporated in the rules of business, as an essential statutory embargo.

Sarkar Tuhade Duar: Sidhu Moosewala’s father reaches Punjab cabinet meeting venue in Mansa, is whisked away by police (Courtesy: The Tribune)

In the larger fiscal interest of the Punjab, I would request the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann to ask the Secretary Expenditure, Government of Punjab to factor in all the microscopic details of expenditure incurred for holding the cabinet meeting at Mansa today.

CM should also immediately order the Special Audit of the entire comparative expenditure incurred for holding the Cabinet meeting at Mansa, rather than holding such an important meeting at the State HQ, Chandigarh.

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I am sure that the conclusive outcome of the ‘Special Audit Report’ would reveal the amazing facts and will be an eye opener for Bhagwant Mann, to be reasonably economical and cost-effective, while rapaciously using the resources of the State in view of its abysmal fiscal health, or let CM Punjab explain the Public utility of holding such Cabinet Meetings at District headquarters? punjab


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Bir Devinder Singh

Bir Devinder Singh

The author is a former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, and a politician celebrated for his grasp on legislative affairs.

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