Gandhian Philosophy – Preaching and Practicing

Dr S S Verma

Dr S S Verma

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Truth, nonviolence, Sarvodaya and Satyagraha and their significance constitute Gandhian philosophy and are the four pillars of Gandhian thought. Mahatama Gandhi has not only practiced and taught non-violence but so many other traits or values in life like honesty/truthfulness, simplicity, concern and respect for others and many more.

Non-violence is preached in almost all religions but Gandhi, the father of nation, is credited to give “Religion of Non-violence” (Ahimsa Parmo Dharma) to masses not by preaching but practicing the same for the benefit of mankind in general and to make India independent in particular.

gandhian philosophyEven in the times of Mahatama and after that the remembering and celebrating of Gandhi Gayanti as a symbol of only non-violence has remained a customary to the day of Gandhi Gayanti, in books or a topic of box office hit films.

Morover, today Gandhi philosophy of non-violence is often quoted by politicians in power in great voice to teach others to just follow the concept of non-violence.

Gandhian philosophy no doubt remains a relevant topic of today not only because of his theory and practice of non-violence, but because all his life he also defended political tolerance and religious pluralism.

We all said to be well versed with Gandhian philosophy but in modern cultural, political and civilization outplays, each one of us in general and people with power and prestige in society in particular, whenever a situation comes that our ego is hurtled, we lose control and forget the Gandhi philosophy of non-violence.

Gandhian philosophyWe always hear/read in media about the short tempered and violent activities exhibited by people in large and most of the politicians in general of present day. Such people and politicians will always boost, encourage and preach others to follow Gandhi philosophy of non-violence.

Actually, non-violence philosophy in the name of Mahatma has become as an unproductive or show off tool in the hands of people to preach others only. People following Gandhi lifestyle in totality has become extinct from the earth.

Society also no more respect people with such and ideology and it is said that “Majboori Ka Naam Mahatama Gandhi” which means, if you cannot reciprocate, it is better to follow Gandhi’s non-violence.

Governments or politicians in order to make their wrong deeds to go on always preach common people to follow the Gandhian philosophy but they themselves are miles’ away from such practices.

Protest or satyagraha has always been a mode of making people’s voice or concern to be heard by people in power. Instead of finding ways to reach to consensus, authorities try to supress the unrest with forced means resulting in non-violence.

Mostly, people starting with non-violent means of protests ultimately have to turn to non-violent means to make their voice hear to people in power. People in power forget to think about those who have made them to power and government of the people, by the people, for the people is far-far away from reality and still such people do not forget for branding the Gandhi philosophy.

People at the helm of affairs like politicians, administrators/bureaucrats, law and order protectors/police, teachers, office staff all are far away from practicing of Gandhian philosophy.

At present, we can only look towards Army for its selfless service of society and country. At all other level Gandhi philosophy has remained a thing of preaching instead of practicing.

Gandhian philosophy
A cartoon by Raj Thackeray

Society seems to be full of violence in every sphere in general and in case of weak (women) and down trodden sections of society in particular.

Loss of values and greed in the society have resulted in rampant such violence happenings. Parents have failed to fulfil their duties in imbibing human values in their wards.

Teachers have failed even to discipline themselves what to do with their students. Fraud in acquiring degrees, getting jobs and then not doing duty honestly have become the trademarks of teaching community. We are filled with jealousy and hate towards each other up to the brim.

Politicians of the country in general have let down Gandhian philosophy by not bothering to follow an iota of it in their real life and only remember to quote and preach Gandhian philosophy from time to time to acquire power and to remain in power.

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Dr S S Verma

Dr S S Verma

Department of Physics, S.L.I.E.T., Longowal, Distt.-Sangrur

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