Guv vs Chief Minister confrontation may lead to constitutional showdown

Bir Devinder Singh

Bir Devinder Singh

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As one of the three crore citizens of Punjab, I would very humbly like to ask the Chief Minister some questions.

The decisive confrontation between the Governor of Punjab, Banwarilal Purohit and the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has reached on a most intense point, if not resolved amicably, it has the potential to cause a very serious constitutional repercussions leading to constitutional showdown.

chief ministerThe unfortunate instant tweet of the Chief Minister in response to the communication of the Governor dated 13th February, and later a letter dated 14th February, ridiculing the constitutional Authority of the Governor of the State, was highly obnoxious and outrageous to the core.

How could the Chief Minister of a State dare not to furnish any information sought by the Governor under Article 167 of the Constitution, which also defines the duties and the responsibilities of the Chief Minister towards the Governor of the State?

As per Article 167 Chief Minister is constitutionally bound to reply to the communications of the Governor.

It sounds blatantly ridiculous if the Chief Minister write a letter to the Governor seeking specific information, regarding the criteria for the appointment of the Governor, the question which any 10+2 Student having Political Science as an elective subject, could easily answer.

CM Bhagwant Mann’s reply to Governor

I wonder why this question was pointedly asked from the Governor of the State. It only speaks volumes of stupidity, nothing else.

Now as one of the three crore citizens of Punjab, I would very humbly like to ask the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann a categorical question about the presence of one Naval Aggarwal in meetings of senior officers, where sensitive and confidential matters of security of the country are discussed.

Also, again as one of the three crore citizens of Punjab, I would like to know that how many Principals/Headmasters of the State of Punjab, who are National Awardee or State Awardee were among those three dozen Principals/Headmasters who were sent to Singapore for six days to learn teaching skills?

Another fundamental question I would wish to ask the Chief Minister Punjab Bhagwant Mann is, as the Budget Session of the Punjab Assembly is due in March and the Punjab Appropriation Bill 2023 has to be passed before 31st of March under all eventualities.

Now, to which Governor other than Shri Banwarilal Purohit, the Council of Ministers Punjab headed by Bhagwant Mann is going to request for the summoning of the Punjab Legislative Assembly under Article 174 of the Constitution, who is not appointed by the Govt. of India, Delhi?

Bhagwant Mann with Arvind Kejriwal

The CM should also categorically clarify that which Governor would address the first day of the First Session of the Punjab Legislative Assembly in the year 2023?

All the above ambiguities are bothering the three crore saner and innocent citizens of Punjab. Let the Chief Minister answer these pertinent questions: as to what would be the fate of Punjab if the imminent Constitutional showdown is not averted in the right earnest and the decisive confrontation between him and the Governor of Punjab is not defused before it is too late? punjab


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Bir Devinder Singh

Bir Devinder Singh

The author is a former Deputy Speaker of Punjab Vidhan Sabha, and a politician celebrated for his grasp on legislative affairs.

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